Call Hurley Appliance Repair at the first sign of trouble.
Laundry room appliances and kitchen appliances are key control centers of a home — until the breakdown is fixed, your family’s life is turned upside down.

In the words of one customer:
“We knew the stove was getting fussy. We kept saying, ‘it’s taking too long for the oven to come up to temperature,’ ‘the burner won’t light,’ ‘one of the burners doesn’t work at all’…. But then on Christmas eve, the oven finally quit. And we were having 22 people for dinner!!! Thankfully, Jane had it fixed within ½ hour and dinner was served on time. Hurley Appliance really did save Christmas that year.”
— Reneé

Don’t wait until you’re in a panic. Call at the first sign of trouble.

Symptoms of trouble – Gas/Electric Dryers:
There’s no heat
Drying takes too long
Clothes come out damp
Dryer doesn’t turn on
Dryer gets noisy
Drum doesn’t turn

Typical causes of dryer problems:
Defective switch or Thermal fuse
Broken or clogged blower/venting
Bad thermostat, sensors or burned out igniter
Worn or broken belt/idler pulley
Failed heating element
Burned out motor or bearings
Symptoms of trouble – Gas Stoves:
Burners won’t light
Oven won’t bake
Broiler not working
Oven too hot or not hot enough
Flame height too high
Flame won’t get low enough

Typical causes of gas range problems:
Bake or broiler igniter
Needs calibration
On pilotless stoves, spark igniter or switch may be out
Defective thermostat, switch, gas safety valve
Symptoms of trouble – Electric Ranges:
Top burner not working at all/won’t adjust
Element doesn’t work on all settings
Won’t go into cleaning mode
Oven won’t bake
Broiler not working

Typical causes of electric range problems:
Burned out receptacle and/or element
Bad switch
Defective thermostat
Wiring or power cord problems
Symptoms of trouble – Washing Machines:
Leaking from under the machine
Unpleasant odor
Agitator doesn’t work
Water won’t drain out of tub
Doesn’t spin dry
Goes off balance when spin drying
Excess vibration or noise

Typical causes of washer problems:
Clogged or failed water pump
Bad lid switch
Water inlet valve defect
Deteriorated or broken hoses, drive belts, coupler or pulleys
Water level control switch
Bad timers or other electrical controls
Symptoms of trouble – Refrigerators:
Not cold enough/too cold
Freezer OK but fresh food side not working
Icemaker doesn’t work
Water leaking in refrigerator

Typical causes of Refrigerator problems:
Coils under unit need cleaning
Defrost problem
Compressor/Relay inoperable
Controls out of adjustment
Icemaker/water valve failed
Filter needs to be changed
Fan motor has failed
Symptoms of trouble – Dish Washers:
Dishes not clean
Residue on dishes
Dishes not dry

Typical causes of Dish Washer problems:
Water valve clogged
Too much soap used
Heater inoperable
Rinse agent out
Hard water/softener salt
Items in sump/impeller