DIY Parts

For The Do-It-Yourselfer…
There are many appliances that can
be repaired without the services
of a professional technician.

Sometimes the most difficult part of the project is just finding the right parts. Call Hurley to order parts for all major appliances and brands. Many parts available for same or next day delivery. If the part has to be ordered, it will be delivered as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Common clothes dryers parts include:
Door latch kits
Timers and lint filters
Dryer belts, seals or pulleys
Thermostats, fuses, switches
Vent kits
And more…

Common stove, range and cooktop parts include:
Gas burner valves
Oven control boards
Oven or broiler igniters
Surface elements and receptacles
Oven or broiler elements

Common refrigerator and icemaker parts include:
Cold controls and thermostats
Defrost heaters, timers and thermostats
Evaporator fan motors
Water filters
Door handles, shelves, drawers, bins
Water inlet valves
Ice maker replacement kits
Door seal

Common washing machine parts include:
Drain hoses
Water fill hoses
Water pump
Lid switches
Belts and motors

Warning! To avoid personal injury or death, observe these safety precautions:
Always unplug the appliance or disconnect.
the power before attempting any repairs.
Always turn off the gas at the source before
repairing any gas appliance.
Always wear safety glasses when using
tools. Keep loose clothing and hair away
from any moving parts.

Hurley Appliance Repair is not liable for property damage or personal injury associated with the installation of parts sold separately. Property owners assume all responsibility for proper installation of purchased parts and agree to hold Hurley Appliance Repair harmless from losses and expenses incurred as a result of installation errors, mis-ordering or mis-handling of parts sold separately.