“Hurley Appliance is very knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. (Jane) comes when she says she will, answers all my questions and is even willing to help make recommendations when it’s time to replace my appliances. I would recommend her to anyone and I do!”

— Lisa F

“We knew the stove was getting fussy. We kept saying, ‘it’s taking too long for the oven to come up to temperature,’ ‘the burner won’t light,’ ‘one of the burners doesn’t work at all’…. But then on Christmas eve, the oven finally quit. And we were having 22 people for dinner!!! Thankfully, Jane had it fixed within ½ hour and dinner was served on time. Hurley Appliance really did save Christmas that year.”

— Reneé

"…I am half owner in a rental property (which) does not have new appliances. (Jane) has fixed every appliance that I own that has needed repair…(and) is honest enough to let us know when it’s just time to get a new used appliance. Her service is excellent and her response time is the best that I have ever found."

— Rita

“When we sold our business, we wanted to sell to someone knowledgable, courteous, and professional, as well as capable. We found all that in Jane Hurley. We wouldn’t have sold it to her had she not had the excellent qualifications to meet the task. We reommend her to anyone needing appliance service.”

—Floyd and Barbara
(formerly Floyd’s Appliance Service)